Currently concentrating on Ruby!

Slowly developing your knowledge in software engineering should be a methodical process. Learning to refactor and DRY out your code is one of those processes where the more knowledge you have the easier it becomes.

Shared examples and shared context will allow you to keep your specs DRY, even when…

Recently I came across an interesting problem that involved using the to_f method and the problems it can bring, especially when dealing with monetary values.

My problem involved the inexact arithmetic used in to_f in Ruby, adding three numbers together, and comparing them against a single total number. If the…

This is aimed at anyone recently taking up RSpec testing for Ruby.

I am always looking for ways to refactor my code, a standard rule for programmers. But you can stare at code for so long and sometimes not see what you can change without potentially being exposed to a…

Ben Dunjay

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